In the following audios, Mark Matson discusses the 3 Power Strategies to overcome the 7 Deadly Investing Traps and create a powerful portfolio. These audios can increase your awareness and confidence in investing.

Each audio is short enough for a thought of the day. You don’t have to listen to them all at once to improve your investing strategy. Come back anytime for more!

Power Strategy 1 – Eliminate Speculating and Gambling in Your Portfolio

Almost no one wants you to know the truth: You need to eliminate and avoid speculation and gambling on the market, imprudent activities and chasing performance. You will lose!


Power Strategy 2 — Use Market Forces, Don’t Fight Them

The free market works well, use a structured market portfolio that buys a cross-section of the economy nationally and internationally. Diversify. No stock picking required!


Power Strategy 3 – Rebalance Your Portfolio Regularly, and Hire a Coach

Rebalance on a consistent basis, which takes a tremendous amount of discipline. Sell off winners and buy underpriced asset categories. Fire your broker, fire your financial planner and hire a coach for true peace of mind.

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