Our Client Family at Mathies Financial Partners is unique in the sense that they have all come through a proprietary process called the MYFIT formula. For us, clients are not just a number, which is why we say “Client Family”. And being invited into our Client Family has nothing to do with Assets, and a lot to do with Attitude. We are looking for the right people. We don’t want to be everything to all people.  We want to be everything to some people.

We coach our clients on the BIG picture in retirement, as well as the “why” behind their retirement strategy. As a result, our experience has shown that in times of volatile markets, and uncertain economic conditions, our clients gravitate towards understanding how markets really work, and truly discovering their “True Purpose for Money.” Before requesting an interview, spend a few minutes going through the 20 must-answer questions, and see how you do.

Mathies Financial Partners clients in Colorado

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