Welcome to the Mathies Financial Partners’ MYFIT formula.

The MYFIT formula evolved over years of coaching investors, and guiding clients through our educational process focused on the elements of retirement.

We have implemented this process for several years, and believe it is the key to helping our clients discover the “why” and the “how” when it comes to retirement and life planning. Money is the “how,” but the “why” is often never discovered.  Discovering your true purpose for money is essential and will help you transform your experience with money and investing from a scarcity mode to an abundance mode.

The MYFIT Formula has a special meaning:

M—The M is for MONEY.  Obviously money in retirement solves many problems; however, the relationship people have with their money during their wealth accumulation years is very different from the relationship people have with their money during their retirement. Our experience has shown that, making the transition from saving and accumulating money to using money to enhance their retirement is very difficult for families to accomplish.

Y—The Y is for YOU. The wealth accumulation and retirement years are YOUR story. It’s all about you. Your money, your life, your goals and your experiences. Your plan has to be designed specifically for you and your family.

F—The F is for FAMILY. The main reason people save for retirement is to make sure they provide for the needs of the family and achieve their retirement goals. The ultimate goal is to have a work-optional life style in retirement, so one can spend as much time with one’s spouse, children, and grandchildren as one desires.

I—The I is for INTEGRATION. There are many pieces to the retirement puzzle that must fit together seamlessly. Integrating these pieces without causing friction is a challenge, and needs to be addressed as early in the process as possible.

T—The T is for TRANSPARENCY. It’s not uncommon for families to be in the dark regarding the investments they have, and the fees they are paying. In addition, investors have no insight regarding the long-term expected rate of return for the mix of assets they currently own.  Regarding their investments, we want our clients to know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.