Why do we believe so strongly in investor education at Mathies Financial Partners?

Mathies Financial Partners was designed with financial literacy in mind. At the time when Jeff Mathies first founded the company, investor fraud was out of control and lack of investor knowledge was rampant. Jeff would see and hear stories of families losing everything because they failed to ask simple questions about the “investments” they were buying as well as the people they were buying them from.

Jeff’s vision for how his company would help people would start with knowledge, and end with advocacy. His idea was to teach the community about how money and investing really worked, and how emotions played a big role in how people reacted to different economic situations. His firm would help people understand their emotions and use them to their advantage, rather than letting bad emotional decisions wipe out their portfolios. Mathies Financial Partners would then teach people how to help others keep from making the same mistakes.

You always hear that knowledge is power. We take this to the next level, because knowledge is power, but it doesn’t mean anything without action. We want to instill the rules of successful investing into our clients, motivate them to learn, then advocate the investment philosophy to help others.

Below are some things you will learn at our educational events and seminars. If you’d like to sign up, click here:  Mathies Financial Partners Events.

Conscious Investing for Peace of Mind

This necessary component is a fun introduction to all of the concepts in our curriculum and offers you the opportunity to better understand what we call “the human side of investing.” Take the Conscious Investor Quiz, learn the Conscious Investor Formula, and begin to ask the “right” questions about investing.

Discovering your True Purpose for Money

Your “True Purpose for Money” is the crucial first step that paves the way for long-lasting satisfaction and fulfillment about financial decisions. We will help you identify those things that are more important than money itself, the things that money is ultimately “for”. The answers to some key questions will help you identify the values that will serve as your compass for your financial decisions. Find out how you’ve been trapped in the Investors’ Dilemma, and then find out your own individual True Purpose for Money is.

Choosing your Investment Philosophy

A solid, well-understood investment philosophy provides a stable foundation upon which to base future decisions. Once you have an investment philosophy, it will simplify every decision you will ever have to make about investing. This is one of the most important – but usually overlooked – aspects of investing.

Examining your Expectations

Begin to understand the relationship between expectations and results, and you will see that it is crucial to your ultimate peace of mind about investing. Your expectations are the deciding factor in how you ultimately feel about your investment outcome.

Understanding the Dimensions of Risk and Return

The terms “risk” and “return” have different meanings to different people. It’s easy to get confused. Understanding the “Dimensions of Risk and Return” clarifies these frequently talked about, yet rarely understood, concepts of investing.

Focusing on your Future View

Deliberately reveal what is most important so you can clearly focus on making your dreams come true. You will shed new light on what it is you want money to accomplish. In this way, you re-define your own investment “success.”

Defeating your Money Demons

Locked within each of us are deeply-rooted belief systems about money and what it means. In many ways, we are the sum total of our beliefs. When you bring your “Money Demons” into the level of conscious awareness, you can defeat them and create new beliefs that lead to different actions and outcomes.

Creating your Core Covenants

You will learn using a step-by-step guide how to create your own core covenants. We will walk you through the process of writing core covenants and teach you how to use them with the important people in your life.

Customizing your Lifelong Gameplan

We will walk with you as your financial coach through a clear process so you can integrate and customize all of the personal information you have revealed through the training classes. Your Lifelong Gameplan is a comprehensive, cohesive document that merges both the coaching and financial components of your investing future.