Choosing Your Investment Philosophy

Choosing your investment philosophy is a key factor in how you want your money managed. Before you can determine what your investment philosophy is, you must first understand how the market works. Then, you can decide whether you believe markets work, or markets fail.

Jeff Mathies, Steve Foltz and Jeff Young are Investor Coaches focused on helping you choose your investment philosophy. We coach investors all over the country from two offices, one in Colorado Springs and one in Denver, Colorado.

Investing can be one of the most complicated aspects of your financial life. One of the reasons that investing may seem daunting is because many people don’t know what kind of questions to ask that will help build their confidence and peace of mind. Take a look at these 20 must-answer questions are specifically designed to help you identify the areas of investing where you can build your confidence as an investor and escape the Investor’s Dilemma™.

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