Investor Coaching

At Mathies Financial Partners, we are dedicated to coaching our exclusive group of clients on our proprietary approach to investing, called MYFIT. At Mathies Financial Partners, we’re focused on increasing our clients’ financial literacy, helping them understand the benefits of a systematic handling of the equities portion of their portfolios. We want our clients to understand how we are able to best take advantage of not only bull markets, but bear markets too!

Mathies Financial Partners’ overall approach to wealth-building eliminates the need to time the market in terms of when to get in or get out, and doesn’t require identifying or picking any individual stock or fund. We also pay particularly close attention to how we can keep our clients’ invested dollars liquid and free of surrender charges and loads.

We systematically work to achieve our clients’ financial and retirement goals, and we coach our clients all along the way to their “work-optional” lifestyle.

Mathies Financial Partners is a fee-based, registered investment advisor, not tied to any particular company or financial product. If your goals are important to you, then they are important to us.
Embrace a “work optional” lifestyle through the educational process at Mathies Financial Partners. A great financial plan requires knowing what brings you joy, and learning how to get there.
New to financial planning? Attend our ESSENTIALS class and learn the foundation to retirement planning. You will receive class materials to help guide you to the right questions to ask.
For our exclusive group of clients, we provide ongoing education and customized individual coaching, along with upscale, client-only events held just for them.

Take the 20 Question Investor Quiz.

Watch this video featuring Investor Coach and founder Jeff Mathies and learn why we’re passionate about these important twenty questions. Our goal as Investor Coaches is to create transparency and promote financial literacy when it comes to the relationship people have with their money.

Read and take the Investor quiz for yourself: 20 Must-Answer Questions for Investing Peace of Mind™ .

“A coach is someone who sometimes must tell you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you sometimes can’t see, so you can become the best you can be.”

-Tom Landry